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Our team is led by Nigel Clark, who uses his experience and knowledge to help people organise their funerals.


Straightforward, professional & compassionate

We decided to create Integrity Funeral Planning after experiencing first hand the stress of organising a funeral when there are no plans in place.  Not only are funeral costs a shock but dealing with conflicting family requests can add further distress.  These experiences made us realise that planning for your funeral can ease this worry for you and your loved ones, and we are ideally placed to assist people in this endeavour.

Our background is in the very regulated world of financial services and we utilise this mindset within our business.  There is a clear transparency in all that we do.  With so much misinformation around about funeral plans it is hard to know who to believe.  There is a mind boggling number of options to chose from.  We want to help you break through all this conflicting information to find the best solution for you.  To do this our approach is simple.  We meet you in your own home, with other family members if you wish, and fully discuss your options with empathy and compassion.  We pride ourselves on providing a personal service, being easy to contact at anytime should you have any queries.  There is no upselling, no phone calls or long online forms, just a face to face discussion about your needs.

In partnership with Safe Hands Funeral Plans

We have chosen to partner with Safe Hands because they are one of the UK’s biggest, most recognisable and most affordable providers of prepaid funeral plans.  They are a trusted brand who focus on providing a first rate service.

safe and secure funds

All the money you pay towards your funeral plan is held in an independent trust fund which is separate from the company.  This fund is managed by independent trustees and managed by the multinational bank UBS. This means that in the unlikely event that Safe Hands stops trading all your investments are ringfenced and secure.  The fund is audited every three years and figures are published every twelve months.  

quality of service

Safe Hands take customer service seriously.  When the time comes to carry out a funeral plan their staff will deal with your loved ones in an efficient and compassionate manner.  All the details will be arranged with the minimum amount of stress for you.


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We find the best way to help you is to arrange to meet you to discuss your options.  Based in Thornbury we cover the whole of the Bristol BS postcodes and Southern GL postcodes of Gloucestershire. Fill in the form below to organise an appointment with one of our consultants.

About Integrity Funeral Planning

Integrity Funeral Planning was founded by Nigel Clark. Nigel works in partnership with Safe Hands Funeral Plans to bring you affordable and trusted funeral planning. With a strong background in financial services, he has the knowledge and experience to help you.


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