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When a loved one passes away people are often shocked at the cost of a funeral.  At a time of incredible emotional distress, having a pre paid funeral plan in place can help your loved ones at an already difficult time. 

Our pre paid funeral plans offer flexibility and affordability. The pricing structure is clear so you are always aware of what is and isn’t included.

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Affordable Funeral Plans

Our Funeral Plans offer a comprehensive range of options to suit all needs and budgets. When you meet with one of our consultants they will discuss all the available options to help you find the best plan for your circumstances. All the standard plans can be personalised to incorporate your individual wishes. Any additional costs will be discussed with you at the point of purchase.

To protect you against the rising costs of funerals all our plans have the guarantee that however long you live or however much funeral directors fees may rise, when you pass away your loved ones will not have anything further to pay for these services. You do not have to pay for your plan immediately.  There are various payment terms available including monthly instalments over 12 to 120 months.

pearl Plan


The ‘Pearl’ plan is ideal for those who want a relatively simple funeral, but one that gives loved ones the reassurance of a traditional, dignified ceremony with no compromise on the expected levels of care and attention.

sapphire Plan


The Sapphire is our most popular plan. It features all the same elements as the Pearl, but also provides a limousine to transport your loved ones to the ceremony.

Ruby Plan


The Ruby is our most comprehensive package. With its provision of a higher-specification oak-effect, veneered coffin, and two following limousines, it is particularly well suited to those with large families, or who favour the idea of a more lavish farewell.



The Topaz is ideal for those whose budget is limited – or who perhaps have funeral insurance in place that, in terms of the sum assured by the policy, will only be adequate to cover part of the full cost of their funeral.

what you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Funeral Director's fees and services?

Funeral Director’s fees typically include such items as care and preparation of the deceased, collection of the deceased, provision of transport and staff and provision of support and guidance to the bereaved.  The Safe Hands Funeral Plans guarantee states that there will never be anything further to pay towards these fees when a planholder dies.

What is a disbursement allowance?

Disbursements are the items provided by third parties.  This includes burial or cremation fees, the doctor’s fee for certifying the death, and the minister’s fees.  Most of our plans include a generous allowance towards disbursements.  The Pearl, Sapphire and Ruby plans all have a £1200 allowance.

What happens if Safe Hands ceases to trade?

The money paid into your plan is held in a trust entirely independant of the Company. In the highly unlikely event that Safe Hands Funeral Plans goes into liquidation, because the trust fund is not an asset of the Company your investments will remain secure and ringfenced to provide the funeral you have bought and paid for.

Can my plan be amended in the future?

Yes.  You can add additional elements in the future, though they may include an additional charge.  You can also transfer your plan into the name of another person if required.  

What is the difference between the basic and inclusive plans?

Basic plans are designed for those on a budget but who still want to reduce the financial and emotional burden that their funeral might place on those left behind.  Inclusive plans are for people who want to secure the greatest possible protection against funeral expenses.  These plans include a disbursement allowance.

What if the funeral director allocated to my plan goes out of business?

You can request a particular funeral director or one will be allocated to you based on location.  If the Funeral Director ceased to trade you will simply be allocated a new one.

How do your funeral plans work ?

Money that you pay in is invested in a ring fenced trust fund.  The investment of the trust find is managed by UBS.  Through the investment of the trust fund, the monies grow in value over the course of your lifetime.  When you die monies sufficient to cover the funeral directors fees and services and any 3rd party fees, if applicable, will be released from the fund and paid to the designated funeral director to carry out the funeral.

Do I have to pass a medical to purchase a plan?

No, you are not required to pass a medical.  Once a plan has been paid for in it’s entirety it is effective immediately.  There are also no upper age restrictions.  However if you pass away before the plan has been paid for, your loved ones will be required to pay the outstanding balance.


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